Seeking the significance of ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’


When I was a kid, independence day used to be an occasion to (forcefully) wake up early and get ready to attend a ‘compulsory’ ceremony at school. Little did we children, born in a post-colonial era, understand the significance of ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’, two similar yet distinct ideas. The more I read and became aware of the different shades of Indian history, the further I ventured from the safety of my home and ‘the crowd’ to have conviction-driven thoughts of my own, the more I traveled and experienced different cultures, the more I worked and realised that my actions can and will have influences, that notion of ‘freedom’ seemed to become more and more clear. Rather than accept the version of ‘independence’ often preached to us at various levels, it would help immensely if we all ourselves were to seek its true meaning and significance.

This picture was taken at Ladakh, one of the highest battlegrounds that India’s defense forces have fought at time and again, to defend the sovereignty of this country.


No Show Today

Perspective in Focus

Kobe (Japan), at almost 2:00 PM on a weekday. Disappointed due to a ‘no show’. Well, that’s just what I thought. For all you know, this person could be resting after a meal, thinking about some job he’s got to do, in a pensive mood about an incident or an event in his life, waiting for someone or something; The possibilities are endless! The interesting thing is that there’s no one ‘right’ answer. ‘To each his own’, to a large extent. Be imaginative, but not vulgar.

The power of perspective is on show here (irony intended), and maybe that’s what every photographer aims at when he / she controls the shutter of his / her camera. Perspective is based upon the things you can see, the things you know of, like the empty stage and empty benches in the picture above. A point in case of being well-informed and having…

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