Learning from Sport: Football Goalkeepers

Do you think that you’ve been given a task or a piece of homework which is way beyond your abilities? Have you got too much on your plate? Do you think that you’ve been handed a nut that’s just too tough to crack?

A goal in the game of Football is about 2.5 x 7.5 square meters. That’s more than 3 times the reach of a normal human being. Yet, there’s just one person guarding the post.

Football goalkeepers truly are your knights in shining armor, at least on the football pitch. Tall people have an edge as against those with a shorter height, but that’s just half of the story, and most likely the least important half. The many hours spent at grueling practice regimens help when the stakes are high, but something needs to come before that. What you believe after standing there is probably the most significant part. A goalkeeper has to stand tall, figuratively, against the best attackers in the business. He needs concentration and anticipation to follow the ball from the attacker’s magical feet, and then needs the will power to stop the toughest of shots coming at him with the speed of a bullet, doubly so in the case of a penalty shot when presence of mind is worth its weight in gold.

He needs to rise above the ordinary. He needs to be ‘larger than life’.

The best goalkeepers in the game have this attribute, which is why they are the best. Its this legacy of the goalkeeper that we all can be inspired from, whatever domain we do our trade in, be it a student on the night before an examination or a salesman just about to enter a boardroom full of people from the company’s management.

What you believe in, almost always separates you from the rest.

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