Con + Science

‘Con’ = Swindle, dupe, deceive, hoodwink.

‘Science’ = The body of knowledge to accomplish it.

Enticing, thrilling and lucrative, albeit only for a short while. Hiding breeds hiding, mistakes breed mistakes. Easy? Not really, especially if you want to strike it big (in all the wrong ways) and still stay away from the bars. Guarantees you a guilt free, sound sleep at night? Surprisingly, no, though you would require the following ingredient to recognize this last fact.


Judging yourself. Surrendering to an honest and ethical inquisition. Possessing and utilizing the same body of knowledge and to know whether to go for it or to refrain from it. Thinking breeds thought. Difficult? You bet it is, but it is also more rewarding in the long run. Guarantees you a guilt free, sound sleep at night? Almost always, yes, that is once you pass the initial hurdle of self-denial.

Irrespective of your beginnings in life, and contrary to what some people believe, whether you end up with the former or the latter is not a lottery. More a matter of choice if you ask me, and often it is your choices more than your abilities and talents that show who you truly are.


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