Background Importance

Try this.

Visit your favorite restaurant and pick a table that’s next to a corner. Sit with your back against the wall so that you have a clear view of the entire restaurant, or at least the part you’re sitting in. Order your favorite dish from the menu and… bon appétit! Repeat the exercise the next day, again picking the same corner table, but this time seat yourself facing the wall instead of having your back against it. Try having the same dish and note your experience.

It’ll almost always be different.

Nothing wrong with the menu though, nor with the company of friends, but the food will feel insipid and the talk over the table will seem drab in the latter instance. The difference? The inflexible and monotonous wall, even when its got a pleasant wallpaper on it.

The difference is in the background.

When user experience is one of the pillars that your business or your life stands on, the background gains unmistakable importance. Ask the travel and hotel management industry for example, or your photographer friend, or even your local bank. Its something that graphic designers think a lot about when they display their craft on internet websites and in television advertisements. Even modern day TV news broadcasts for that matter, and eager journalists reporting from the front-line or the crime scene. The more inviting and sensational the background behind the product you’re trying to sell, higher the chances that it’ll actually sell. Or as a cynic might put it, higher the chances that you might get fooled into buying it.

This phenomenon doesn’t quite apply to some areas, your dentist for example. It takes a lot more than just a soothing background behind the man holding the tiny but dreadful sounding drill in order to make a root canal or a routine filling hurt less. That is, if you are courageous enough to walk the last mile to his clinic.


One thought on “Background Importance

  1. I tried this background thing (@ Cafe good-luck FC road pune) and you know what i realized…it was never about good-luck…or menu..or ambiance…i thought i like course i do.. but at the end what matters is company…really…when we really like someone / TV show or musician anything..we don’t care about place, time, background or effects….being with her or listening that musician is the only thing that matters…Presentation marketing these things are important but not more than Quality……

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