Earth Day 2012: An eye for awareness, an eye for nature

Its often said that our eyes are the windows to our mind and our conscience. What we observe makes us who we are. Or does it?

When we are young, our eyes try and capture every facet of the nature around us, its rivers and its mountains, its forests and its oceans, much like we do through a camera. These images make an indelible impression on our hearts and aid our understanding of the world. As the years roll on we travel far and wide, capture even more such images and try and build a ‘big picture’. Someday, though, we return to our roots and find that the natural elements which held us in awe in our childhood have been corrupted by people just like us and the pollutants that are a byproduct of our existence. Not a pretty thought, is it?

Its rather ironic that we try and preserve the ‘passive’ images we click using our cameras so that we can showcase them for our future generations, yet we fall short of applying the same procedure to the ‘active’ images of the nature captured by our eyes since childhood. Our efforts never seem to co-ordinate when it comes to saving the rivers and the forests which gave us life in the first place. We find it convenient to point fingers at each other, yet fail to gather enough courage to stand up for a social cause or spare some time to lend a helping hand towards preserving our surroundings. ‘Charity begins at home’, they say, so does cleanliness and awareness. If we decide to stand by the purity of the values that nature has taught us over the years, would taking the first step towards a cleaner and healthier environment be so difficult?


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