The best person for the job

Quite frankly, its not you. Neither its me.

The best tennis player in the world is somewhere in Somalia, scrounging for food and squandering away his true stamina and talent for want of opportunity. While my country, India, is lamenting about not being able to secure medals in the Olympics, the best archer in the world is living somewhere in its tribal hinterland. These people just haven’t been discovered yet.

The best young talent in the domain of car racing is somewhere in Afghanistan, dodging bombs and the remnants of a bloody civil war, whiling away his childhood playing with toys and excelling in mock car races with his friends.

You are not the best teacher in the world. Your college or your university just hasn’t come across that person yet.

You are not the best software developer or architect in the world. Your boss or your client just hasn’t stumbled upon the best person for your job yet, and the day he will he’ll happily swap you for him.

You’re not even the best spouse for your husband or wife. If he or she had waited longer each one would have found a better, and maybe a more ‘perfect’ partner.

In a world so varied in geography, economy and history, success and fame are a function of ability and being at the right place at the right time. Everything after that is just chance, and how you capitalize on it. This is the best tool I’ve ever encountered to help me keep my feet grounded at all times.

4 thoughts on “The best person for the job

  1. Nikhil,

    Very well said. I have arrived at this blog via your ‘perspective in focus’ blog and admire your optimism and outlook. I am from the UK and currently experiencing some difficulties in my life. These words have made me smile. Thankyou. Keep up the good work in your photography, and my best wishes to you and your amily.


    • Thank you for stopping by Chris! I am extremely glad that my blog resonated with you and helped you smile :). Things generally are according to the way we perceive them, which means that you had an iota of optimism in yourself, its just that maybe reading these blog posts made you realize this fact. I hope things turn around soon :). Again, thanks for your wishes!

  2. Well said. Its the ‘how you capitalize on it’ part that always keeps me guessing and chastising myself -wondering if I squandered away an opportunity that was presented to me!

    • True! Its like we received a limited number of darts when we were born, and we have to try to hit the bulls-eye in life with them. Some succeed, some squander the resources. Though I feel that the ones who succeed do so because they are aware of this fact, and have their feet grounded at all times.

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