God and ‘The Departed’ of 2011

God, as most preachers would have us believe, created the world we live in. Corollary: He also created the persons in it as well as the stage for them to showcase their skills and talents. So far so good.

Somewhere down the line, He must have started relishing His product, and would have had thoughts about acquiring some more share in His venture. We humans, the pompous and shrewd souls that we are, would have none of it. Result? Well, the aforementioned preachers would also have us believe that God always has the last laugh. In any case, He always had one ‘dead’ly trick up His sleeve.

Death itself.

Now, He must have thought of dropping the axe on one particular year itself. 2011. Any special reason? Personally, I feel He must have been very annoyed with the way we humans treated the 2012 Armageddon stuff. “Very cheeky”, He must have said. He would have wanted to start his own enterprise, so He must have shortlisted a few people to recruit from the various domains – Cinema, Music, Art, Technology, Sports etc. – across various countries in the world.

Quite to our horror, He did succeed.

God Writing

Well, now that He has, lets have a look at His prospects in each domain. If He plans to start a movie, He is in august company. He has evergreen actors like Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand and true glamor divas like Elizabeth Taylor. He would be able to rope in legendary musicians like Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Shrinivas Khale. Good singing voices wouldn’t be hard to find either, with the likes of Jagjit Singh, Bhupendra Hazarika and Amy Winehouse roaming nearby.

An art gallery amongst the pantheon of the Gods would be most sought after. Surely now He can call upon M.F. Hussain to create one!

In the same pantheon, there will always be a few Gods who will be forward thinking and wanting to live at the cutting edge of technology. They will find pleasure in the company of Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie. The charisma, the intensity, the vision and the simplicity they would factor in is bound to gratify the Gods themselves. Perhaps now they would even have a heavenly version of Pixar and a movie named ‘Earth, Inc’.

Sports isn’t just for us humans, it is surely a thing of the Gods too. They can now bank upon some good advice from Mansoor Ali Khan ‘Tiger’ Pataudi for starting a sporting enterprise. With terrific gladiators like Joe Frazier, Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli around, thrill and entertainment is guaranteed.

This list obviously omits a lot of other names, who by themselves have it in them to give God a shot in the arm in His endeavor.

Would all this really happen? No one can be sure because no one has ever returned from up there. Perhaps the departed of 2011 will find God less critical and more encouraging than us Earthly humans. Perhaps the change of perspective will propel them to even greater deeds. Will that affect the world we live in, for good? Yes, but only if we take inspiration from their lives and work to put a dent in God’s own universe!


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