Love of music, intent of search, blessing of technology

Indian mobile service and internet provider, Airtel, recently launched their new advertisement –

I came across this advertisement today while watching TV and was instantly drawn in by its concept, as well as the haunting piano notes in the background. No sooner than I began wondering who could have written such a beautiful piece of music, I thought of the Shazam application on my new Android phone, which listens to a particular song, discovers its roots and then tags it with the original album name, song / music writer and the genre (lyrics too in case of songs). I just couldn’t wait to find out! I turned ON the application and waited for it to show me the results. About 10 seconds later, it told me that the solo piano piece was written by Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi, and features in his album ‘I Giorni’ (The Days).

Now, I could hardly wait to hear the full song. I logged on to YouTube and searched for the album. As expected, YouTube’s search engine didn’t disappoint and provided me with the video I was looking for –

As you’ll probably agree, its one of the most beautiful pieces of music one can ever compose and play on the piano. It tends to bring out all the wonderful memories and true emotions in your heart, and makes you want to cry every time you listen to it.

For me this was an ode not just to the charming world of instrumental music, but also to ‘search technology’ which, within a matter of seconds found me the original song and took me to another realm altogether!


4 thoughts on “Love of music, intent of search, blessing of technology

    • Thanks 🙂 .. The music is terrific, and that was the real driving force behind the search. I’ve always advocated full use of the technology available to us nowadays, and its sad when people look at it cynically. This was just one example how it can really help us to find that moment of pleasure we all so desperately seek!

  1. Thanks for the info on shazam 🙂 I agree with you its sad when people look at technology so cynically- I love how I get to interact with people all over the world !!! And a big Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement for my blog posts too — really appreciate it!

    • My pleasure 🙂 Yes, if used properly, technology can do wonders in showcasing art & knowledge & information like nothing else!

      You deserve all the praises you can get about your paintings and blog posts. I’ve shared the link to your blog with a few friends and it has worked its charm on them too 🙂 I’m quite sure we’ll continue to get inspiration from your work 🙂

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