My tryst with sleep in the last couple of days

All you Tom and Jerry fans out there (and I can’t believe any human being, sane or insane, who wouldn’t be a fan), do you remember this particular night in their lives?

I’ve been up till late night since the last few of days due to one reason or the other (work and preparing for my lectures being the prime reasons among them) and this video shows exactly how I was feeling yesterday morning as I woke up, got ready for work and arrived in office. My eyes were barely open. This ‘sleep-hangover’ continued well into the day right up to lunch time! 🙂

I was lucky that I didn’t have too many critical tasks to complete in the day, otherwise I am sure I would have messed up something in them. The sleepy feeling sort of waned off later in the day and I could get some work done. Perhaps, the good old lunch-time chats with colleagues did the trick.

Well, after I came home from office I did have a small nap, but that was it. My ‘uptime’ has now been extended to almost 20 hours! I can see another long day ahead and its almost 2:30 AM as I’m writing this blog post. Must catch some sleep, or else I might end up experiencing this scene –

Still no sleep (Image courtesy:


6 thoughts on “My tryst with sleep in the last couple of days

  1. Hang in there buddy….it only gets worse here after in life….atleast now there are no homeworkers to take care of 😛

  2. You should be very careful about staying awake for extended periods of time, it can have devastating results.

    I had very severe insomnia for about 2 years from which I have not fully recovered. It began about 15 years ago with staying awake continuously for a week (7 days). I wouldn’t have believed anyone who would have told me that it could be done until I did it when I had an incredible amount of things to do and high anxiety immediately after my first marriage suddenly ended. At first, I went through the usual exhausted tiredeness which was superceded by a surreal consciousness, increased abillity to concentrate, and burst of sustained energy. At the end of that week, I had done everything I needed to do and wanted to sleep but couldn’t. I would lay down in bed for hours trying to sleep without being able to. I was prescribed clonazepam which helped me wind-down, but not enough, I could only sleep for about an hour every 24 hours. I was prescribed stronger drugs but they didn’t re-establish the ability to sleep normally, only put me in a state of suspended animation, physically immobilized but still partially conscious. I always awoke exhausted, not rested, like having jet-lag continuously. This continued for about 2 years during which somewhat normal sleep was progressively established but I haven’t ever awoken refreshed since that week of no sleep and, when I do wake-up I physically ache all over. As well, my ability to dream virtually disappeared, I rarely have any. Be careful!

    • Thanks Brian. As you’ve said, I myself have experienced those levels of tiredness, and yes, it seems alarming enough, more like a viscous cycle of sleep-anxeity-tiredness. Its high time I reorganized my schedule to had a good night’s sleep.

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