‘Lamhe..’ (Moments)

Sometimes it is good policy to use lyrical songs rather than mere words to present a situation or project a state-of-mind; and when the song is as good as the one mentioned, it is bound to paint a perfect picture.

This song is from the critically acclaimed 1991 movie Lamhe (IMDb link) directed by the highly successful Yash Chopra. The music has been composed by legendary Santoor maestro Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Flute genius Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (known together as Shiv-Hari), so undoubtedly, it has got to be melodious. Combine that with lyrics from Anand Bakshi, and you have one of the best songs ever recorded in the history of the Hindi film industry.

Full lyrics:

“ये लम्हें, ये पल हम बरसों याद करेंगे,

ये मौसम चले गए तो हम फ़र्याद करेंगे.. (1)

इन सपनो की तस्वीरों से,

इन यादों की जंजीरों से,

अपने दिल को कैसे हम आज़ाद करेंगे,

ये मौसम चले गए तो हम फ़र्याद करेंगे,

ये लम्हें, ये पल हम बरसों याद करेंगे.. (2)

ये लम्हें तो है बहुत हसीं,

इन लम्हों पर कुछ लिखा नहीं,

ये आबाद करेंगे या बर्बाद करेंगे,

ये मौसम चले गए तो हम फ़र्याद करेंगे,

ये लम्हें, ये पल हम बरसों याद करेंगे.. (3)

ये लम्हें, ये पल हम बरसों याद करेंगे,

ये मौसम चले गए तो हम फ़र्याद करेंगे.. (4)”

Some moments are so beautiful and unique that we cherish them for a lifetime. Memories of trips and vacations, a sweet little prank during school, an hour of solitude with a loved one, a few conversations which lifted your spirits.. are just a few examples I can think of at this instant. Generally, attempts to free ourselves from these moments always come to a naught; obviously we’ve got to be honest enough to realize that.

Sometimes the people involved in these memories have long drifted away from our lives, but that doesn’t dilute their sweetness. There is neither an upper limit to how many of these experiences we can have during our lifetime; experiences which are automatically crystalized into ‘indelible impressions’. Whether they actually help us grow or drag us down by their sheer weight, is a matter of personality; but as they say, “when you can’t loose them, use them”, and that is where perhaps lies their real beauty combined with practicality.

A few lines from another one of my favorite songs.. ‘Beetein lamhe..’

“आज भी जब वह पल मुझको याद आते है,

दिल से सारे गमों को भुला जातें है..

आज भी जब वह मंज़र नज़र आते है,

दिल की वीरानीयों को मिटा जातें है..

दर्द में भी यह लब मुस्कुरा जातें है,

बीते लम्हे हमे जब भी याद आते है..”

I always pray and hope that such lovely moments are somehow rekindled one day!


4 thoughts on “‘Lamhe..’ (Moments)

  1. I liked the notes very much. The brain has limited capacity to store and starts erasing some. It is always better if you keep on documenting along the way, like you do. Starting to write at early age and catching the moments when the memories are fresh is very beneficial.

    • Yes.. true.. there’s also a scientific theory going around that over a period of time our mind alters some minute details of these memories.. so that we don’t get caught up in our past. Timely documentation of such wonderful moments helps; but again as we discussed some time back, any written documentation is open to various interpretations. Finally it is only the persons concerned who will understand the real value of such moments. 🙂

  2. A very beautiful song! However what impressed me is the thought/ feeling which connect you to the song. A very nicely written post, as usual. I agree with you many times the memories are so beautiful that though people drift away the feelings remain. In my mind it’s an experience of divinity when some memories can make you forget the tears, complains or even heartaches associated with the person and remember only the beauty of that relationship. I use the word “divinity” because more often in that moment triggered by the memory the feelings that we experience are “pure”, devoid of all the corruption of the “present and its practicalities”.

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