This is how I watched TV when I was a kid..

TV and me, have had a long history together. Dad brought home our first TV set when I was about 4 years old, and since then stories about my fascination with this wonderful invention of mankind have attained ‘folklore’ status in the family!

Mom says that when I was a little kid, the best time to feed me food during lunch or dinner was when I was watching TV, because I used to get really engrossed in it and gobbled down ANY amount of food; and when the TV program ended I used to stop eating so suddenly that it felt as if somebody had toggled a switch to the ‘OFF’ position.

For many years there was a joke going around in the family that I had the tendency to get so immersed into what I was watching on TV that I wouldn’t even realize if some thief entered the house and cleaned it up like there was no tomorrow. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who used to get riveted by the TV shows. Here’s some recently unearthed proof (thanks to the new Vodafone advertisements) –

My TV craze has waned off a lot over the years, especially since quality entertainment was replaced by ‘Saas-Bahu’ soap operas and the bubble of ‘Reality Shows’, giving the ‘idiot box’ justification for it’s title.

Obviously the emergence of the computer too has had an big impact in reducing my TV mania, and nowadays I end up spending more time in front of my laptop screen for work and leisure. Thankfully, no one has hit me with a ‘thief-stealing-in-house-while-I-work-on-computer’ joke yet!


11 thoughts on “This is how I watched TV when I was a kid..

  1. Hey ya, guess what Me and TV had the same start like yours…:)…TV came into our house when I was 2 years old and mum dad tell tales of how I use to watch TV. My standard position was me standing very close to TV, with one had on my waist and the other hand holding bottle filled with milk and drinking the same very slowly while watching cartoons and all 🙂 my FOND memories … 🙂

    • Cartoons…. those were lovely days! 🙂 Its great that you shared your experiences and your early fascination with TV.. and I’m glad that I brought back your sweet childhood memories 🙂

  2. Also, I Love Zoozoo ads but I catch with them on facebook…:( I don get enough time to see them on TV…
    Awesome stuff, Nikhi’l. You brought back my old memories..:)thanks…:D

  3. Cute blog since it is related to a cute kid and it contains a cute video 😀 I could imagine the scene, your mom feeding you and you watching tv without caring what you are eating 😀

    • Thanks 🙂

      Yeah.. it really was that way! Mom says that I was very picky with my food choices then (& still am) and she used to take advantage of my ‘TV distraction’ to feed me food items which were supposed to be good for me but which I would have never eaten in times of full awareness!

      I’m actually glad that they used the ‘thief-stealing’ concept in the advertisement. The fact that it appeals as an idea means that there are many other people like me who share the same fascination for the TV! 🙂

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