This is a single written by singer-songwriter John Ondrasik, better known by his stage name ‘Five For Fighting‘. The song features prominently in his fifth album ‘Slice‘ (released in October 2009) and can also be heard during the end credits of the hit movie ‘The Blind Side‘ (2009). It is here that I first came across the song, and instantly fell in love with the beautiful lyrics. I feel that it is one of the most practical renditions of the purely optimistic idea of ‘taking a chance’ and measuring it by success or failure. The background music too is foot-tapping and memorable.

As is always the case with great lyrics, these words too seem to behave like a prism; they may hold different meanings for different people and inspire each person reading them in separate ways.

“Chances are when said and done
Who’ll be the lucky ones
Who make it all the way
Though you say I could be your answer
Nothing lasts forever
No matter how it feels today

Chances are we’ll find a new equation
Chances roll away from me
Chances are all they hope to be

Don’t get me wrong, I’d never say never
‘Cause though Love can’t change the weather
No act of God could pull me away from you
I’m just a realistic man
A bottle filled with shells and sand
Afraid to look beyond what I could lose
When it comes to you
And though I’d see us through

Chances are we’ll find two destinations
Chances roll away from me
Still chances are more than expectations
But possibilities over me

8 to 5 we’re 2 to 1
Lay your money on the sun
Until you crash what have you done
Is there a better bet than love
What you are is what you bring
You gotta cry before you sing


Chances lost are hopes torn out pages
And maybe this time

Chances are we’ll be the combination
Chances come and carry me
Chances are waiting to be taken
And I can see

Chances are the fascination
Chances won’t escape from me
Chances are only what we make them
And all I need…”


3 thoughts on “‘Chances’

    • Yes.. those really are excellent lyrics.. I just loved the song the first time I heard it! 🙂 It actually seems perfect to use this song for the movie ‘The Blind Side’.

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