The matching of ‘wavelengths’

I’ve always believed that we meet two kinds of people in life:

1. The people whom we ‘recognize’ since many years, but do not ‘know’ them yet,

2. The people whom we’ve just met and ‘recognize’ only for a few moments or hours maybe, but seem to ‘know’ them since many years.

It’s the second type of people whom we feel close too. It’s those people with whom our ‘wavelength matches’, and that’s probably one of the primary requirements for a lasting relationship. This thought struck me immediately after I saw the latest Coca-Cola advertisement on TV recently. Sharing the YouTube link with everyone:

Another Coca-Cola advertisement which shares the same theme:


8 thoughts on “The matching of ‘wavelengths’

    • Thanks! Well, this time I just wanted to share this one idea and then focus on the advertisements. Plus, the last blog post was a long one, so this one’s short. ‘Law of Averages’ 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad that you too share the idea! It’s been portrayed very well in the advertisements.

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