What is on top of the refrigerator..

It has always amazed me how we humans have an affinity towards inanimate objects. Sometimes this feeling grows with time. Today I would like to talk about one such affinity of my childhood days.

Our earlier kitchen refrigerator was a 165 liter capacity model, which was about 5 feet tall. Dad had purchased it approximately 24 years ago, when I was only 4 years old, and just over a feet tall. It was kept in the kitchen, and apart from that refrigerator, no other kitchen furniture or appliance was more than 3 feet tall at best, which meant that I could make out what all was kept on top of those things. But the world on top of the refrigerator was sort of enigmatic, because the only way I could reach it was by standing on a stool or something similar.

I remember asking mom everyday what she used to keep on top of the refrigerator. Obviously whatever she kept there wasn’t a national secret or anything, but we often have strange curiosities when we are that young. As years went by, I grew tall, but until I reach a height of 5 feet, the ‘top’ of the refrigerator always remained sort of a mystery. Later, of course, once I could see the refrigerator top clearly it ceased to remain a puzzle. All the childhood curiosities quickly faded away, and the refrigerator continued to serve our family for a long long time.

Over time it started causing some performance issues and last week we decided to replace it with a new, bigger 340 liter refrigerator model. They delivered the new piece yesterday but as they were taking away the old one, I just felt as if they were also taking away some part of my prized childhood with them.

The irony is that the new one is about 6 and a half feet tall. I am at about 5 feet 8 inches. This means that I won’t be able to see the top of the refrigerator even today.. and at this age people will mock at me if I stand up a stool to check out this new world! Childhood.. reloaded!!


12 thoughts on “What is on top of the refrigerator..

  1. Nice one…Its always nice reading your blog.I have had the same feeling for all my stuff especially my stuffed toys…I still cant give them away to someone else…some one much younger to me….Back in the days when I was small, there had been many-a-times when my parents would have yelled at me( since I was such a prankster) and I(‘Angry young Sneha’) would simply hug these toys and cry her heart out.(my way of letting anger get washed away)…Just a memory now…

  2. Thanks Sneha for your comments.. I too love reading them 🙂 Some childhood memories are just too good to forget!

  3. Nice one 🙂 As i was reading this blog many memories of my childhood flashed through my mind… easpecially… I was always curious of my sister’s wardrobe contents. she never let me in the vicinity and that made it all the more special. I always wanted to try out her things(much to her fury!)… cos i felt that if the things were kept from me they were special… now that she s married and not here, i have complete access to her room and ofcourse the wardrobe… and i still feel the same way about the things in it. I still go there when i have nothing to do and just go through her things and still fear she might show up all of a sudden :D. The inside of that cupboard is for me what the top of the refrigerator was for you 🙂

  4. Thanks Priyanka 🙂 The memory you shared was nice too! As you rightly said it was the same kind of curiosity about the refrigerator 🙂

  5. Indeed nice blog as usual. The image of my home refrigerator came in my imagination while reading your blog. Top of refrigerator is like desktop of my PC 😀 Most of the things I used to keep on the top of refrigerator. I could feel the attachment you had with your refrigerator in your blog 🙂


  6. Thanks Sanjivani 🙂 I’m glad that you could relate your experiences with it.. and yes.. though it was an inanimate object.. it was with us from childhood so I certainly did have an attachment with it!

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