Nu’CLEAR’ India..


A golden day for India’s Civilian Nuclear Program and India’s much cliched Foreign Policy, and a nice day to start my blogging career too!

Surely the NSG waiver has ended India’s nuclear winter, which had started from the day a maverick lady (read Indira Gandhi) and a bunch of geeky scientists tested the country’s first nuclear ‘bomb’. 34 long years, lots of national and international ups and downs, numerous governments, and 2 cricket World Cups later, India is again on the verge of a new dawn in the science and technology field. As many of you would recollect this too wasn’t without its fare share of controversy with the no confidence motion called by the Left parties in the parliament.

Now this NSG waiver may not mean the world to laymen like you and me, but just consider its enormous implications. Now India would not only have civilian nuclear reactors, but also strategic nuclear devices (commonly known as ‘nuclear bombs’) side by side – an act that not many nations even on the NSG board have managed. Well there’s still a lot of daylight between the today and the 123 agreement or the USA-India N-Deal to be clinched, but this ‘small step’ is definitely a ‘giant leap’ for India’s energy requirements – for generating electricity for lighting our homes, industries, running water pumps on farms, and innumerable other applications.

Lets leave political preferences away for a while and give ‘kudos’ to the negotiating team at Vienna (though it would not have been possible without some ‘arm wrestling’ from Bush and his team – I am not a big fan of Bush either but you should give credit where its due).

Cheers India!


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